ByGallagher Walks Out Without Paying His Bill; Police Called

by John Earp

On Thursday November 28, 2017, at 8:41 p.m., the assistant manager of the Cattle Baron Restaurant in Hobbs called 911 to report that a white male subject had walked out on his ticket, cursing and failing to pay before leaving the restaurant. Records obtained by Inspection of Public Records (IPRA) request from the Hobbs Police Department indicate that the assistant manager of Cattle Baron called 911 to report that Mr. Gallagher, after running up a bill of $41.07, which included three 22-ounce Michelob beers, a glass of Pinot Grigio wine, a burger, ice cream and a Grand Marnier, approached the desk near the front of the restaurant saying, “I’m tired of F-ing waiting” for [my] bill.” According to the 911 call, Gallagher then told the manager to send him a bill.

The police report does not state the duration of Mr. Gallagher’s stay at the Cattle Baron, in which he ordered three 22-ounce beers, a glass of white wine, and Grand Marnier. The police report does state that Mr. Gallagher said he was “tired of waiting around to pay” his bill. The assistant manager said she told Mr. Gallagher she could take care of his bill for him, but he said, “Just bill me,” throwing his “RMG Consulting, LLC” business card in her direction onto the floor. On the 911 recording, the assistant manager states that Gallagher “continued to cuss at me, and walked out the door.” On the 911 recording, she went on to say of Gallagher, “He’s been here plenty of times. He’s one of our regulars. I know he’s gotten into it before with my GM, and then now this incident.” On the recording, the 911 operator asked the assistant manager if anybody knows what Gallagher left in, to which the assistant manager replied, “I was hesitant on following him out, just because I am a female, and because he was cussing out me when he walked out the door. So that’s why I kind of just stopped right there, came in the office and called my GM and asked him what to do, and he said call the cops on him. He walked on a ticket.”

The police report further states that the assistant manager informed the police that “Bob is a regular at the restaurant and sometimes acts rude towards the staff.” According to the police report, the assistant manager believed Gallagher to be a Jal City Councilman. The police report went on to say that the matter was forwarded to the Hobbs City Attorney. We reached out to the Cattle Baron Restaurant for comment, but were told by the assistant manager and the general manager that they could not comment on the incident. The recording of the 911 call and the police report, both of which have been obtained by The Jal Record via IPRA request, will be posted on The Jal Record Facebook page.

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